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 Sexbots & DMLH

28.05.16 Sexbots 001The Sexbots(USA) will be returning for a second European tour in May 2016, this time joined by DMLH(USA), a progressive, jazz-influenced hiphop artist for our "Friends and Lovers" tour.  The Sexbots is the name under which avant dance artist Ilima Considine performs, melding hiphop beats from around the world with her inimitable, Bjork-like vocals.  Since collaborating with DMLH in early 2015 for the minor hit "Make Sexy", their worlds have become increasingly entwined as they performed together on festival stages including Pride NW, performing Make Sexy in front of thousands and representing Wild Planet Radio in the Gay Pride parade.  
The Sexbots are Ilima Considine- who sets her inimitable vocals against electronic soundscapes from hiphop producers around the world.  The unknown band with no label, no management, and before the first show was even played outside Portland -managed to chart on CMJ with their first album.  Since then, Considine has toured the US, Europe, and Japan while releasing a no-budget music video for every song- entire albums can be listened to on youtube, accompanied by images of the bespectacled singer falling out of trees, dancing naked, or being repeatedly killed by her children’s stuffed tigers(the children can often be seen frolicking in the background).  Along with an undefinable and shifting accent, Considine’s appearance is largely ambiguous- often androgynous, ethnically unclear(Irish-Chinese), with big eyes/tiny stature/theatrical gestures making it unclear how old or how serious she is about anything.  She is entirely serious about the emotional inner world she charts- of a woman vacillating between love and sex, between need and regret.  With a stage presence verging on performance art, Considine has received grants from both the Oregon Arts Commission and the Regional Arts and Culture Council.
DMLH has toured the US bringing his conscious and progressive hiphop to the people, both as a solo artist and as a member of Big Bang.  He leads the Portland hiphop label Proper Knocks.

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28. Mai 2016, 21:00
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