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 Der Baum

Foto Plattencover von der Band The band DER BAUM is a new wave band from São Paulo, Brazil. Formed in the end of 2014 the band started as a duo project but slowly grew up to be a 6 members band. Our material is currently released by a independent label called “Dinamite Records”. We are in Europe at the moment and staying a while in Berlin. We search for partners and locations for gigs. We travel at the moment in a smaller format wich allow us to present the project from the smaller to the bigger venues. The single “Stop Confusion” from our second EP was released with a video clip produced in partnership with Mondo Cão Filmes ( Sao Paulo ). The feedback was very good and the song was
also played in the biggest Radio Station dedicated to rock in Sao Paulo, 89FM Radio Rock.  Second EP “We already live in the future" Following the success of the second EP the third one is also ready to be presented. “Veronika Robótika” wich is also the name of the single from this project has the modern new wave sound we love. The album is available in all digital outlets. The last two EPs “We already live in the future” and “Veronika Robótika” were both co-producedby the band and Chuck Hipolitho ( music producer and sound engineering ) at Estúdio Costella (Sao Paulo ). Third EP "Veronika Robotica" The song “Veronika Robótika” won a prize for best song of the year at a big contest in Brazil. “Festival de clipes e bandas” sponsored by the city of Sao Paulo. The prize is going directly into the financing of the 2016 trip to Europe. Other brands and partners are coming together to help us achieve this target and shine with us. We now are in search for places to present the project and develop a circle of contacts. The main gold is to have the whole band in Europe July 2016. For that we are already establishing partnerships with brands, labels and local cultural organizations. Our concerts are full of energy and we have now a great crowd following us. We are also involved in the content and visual developments for all of the band material and merchandise. Take a look at our local dates from this year! We are excited to meet with you and have fun together here are our contacts and links:


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Ort : Fürbringerstrasse20a, 10961 Berlin
19. Dezember 2015, 21:00
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