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 The Sleepytime Shufflers (cn)

16.8. sleepyFrom Hali to Cali, and cafe to bars, no matter where you find Joshua Campbell Gladston, you can be sure his guitar wont be far.
Picking up flavours of American Roots music from constant travels across the continent, Gladston plays a unique style of Honky Tonk blues that is apparent in his range of sound.
Peaking at moments with the boisterous sound of foot stomping country classics that are bound to get you moving, only to slide his way more into traditional ballads that touch on topics such as love, lust, gambling, and sin.
Within his music, you are sure to find something that will take you back.
So why not enjoy the night, have a drink or two, and come see for yourself what it is that's going down.

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Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstraße 20a, 10961 Berlin
16. August 2017, 20:00
Eintritt frei
- Free entrance always