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 Seeking a drop & A Lazy cat

SEEKING A DROP (Rome/Berlin) + A LAZY CAT (Berlin)

27.02.16 SeekingAdropSeeking A Drop:
Seeking A Drop was born as an acoustic folk duo in July 2012.
During a few months, Fulvio Tulli (guitar/vocals) and Emilio Cataldi (lead guitar) self-recorded three Eps and promoted them playing acoustic shows all around Rome.
In March 2013 Emilio left Italy and Fulvio, in spite of that, kept writing songs supported by Michele Mariola as a guitarist and Rocco Zilli as a multi-instrumentalist.
The three-piece band recorded a studio album, "Beyond the wall", released in May 2013 and promoted through an European tour.
Emilio came back to Italy and in a few weeks' time Stefano Veloci (bass guitar) and Dimitri Nicastri (drums) joined the band too.
In December 2013 they had a second European tour supported by A Lazy Cat.
In February 2014 Fulvio moved to Berlin, and so did the project.
Unfortunately he couldn't keep onplaying with the band.
By now Seeking A Drop has two new members: AnnaT (vocals/percussions/ukulele) and MathiasMetzger (lead guitar/backing vocals).
They're working on the second studio album.

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27.02.16 ALazyCatA Lazy Cat:
A Lazy Cat is a singer-songwriter project started in Berlin during the winter 2012. AnnaT, born in Rome in 1991, began to write songs as a need in her early 20s.
Since childhood, she's been writing poems and tales. Her life has always been surrounded by music and, later on, by fellow musicians. She took her guitar along on the train to Berlin. Once settled down, she had the time and the right loneliness to take a deep look inside: chords and notes came out from that guitar and naturally matched with her passion for poetry and prose. From that moment on she started composing and arranging her songs using also other instruments such as ukulele, percussions, violin and organ, even though she mainly performs them live with guitar. The way she plays all these instruments is still pretty simple and literaly experimental, as she's getting to know them by herself, practically and theoretically.
It's hard to describe her genre. Dark but clear songs are the expression of a deep world, the release of a pain.
A Lazy Cat played her first show in Rome in December 2013: the first of 22 shows as supporting act for the Berlin-based band Seeking A Drop during their second European tour.
AnnaT, after this experience on the road, became a member of Seeking A Drop. In 2014, they kept playing live together in Berlin.

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Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstrasse 20a, 10961 Berlin
27. Februar 2016, 21:00
Eintritt frei - Free entrance always