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29.01.16 Blanks "BLANKS is a Berlin-based music duo founded in 2015, whose music sets out to explore the calmer, moodier and more atmospheric side of acoustic music. Through minimalistic song structures and fragile lyrics, Blanks' work seeks to captivate the very human nature of its creators leaving space for the listener to absorb the expressiveness of three lead instruments, female lead vocals, guitars and piano. Open to experimentation, the two build up their songwriting by incorporating ambient textures, modern folk and even pop elements as long the core remains characteristic of the end result: slow, emotional songs to sink into on a cold, gloomy Sunday evening."

Blanks Song Rainy bei youtube

Blanks Song Echo bei youtube

Blanks Song Move bei youtube

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Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstrasse 20a, 10961 Berlin
29. Januar 2016, 21:00
Eintritt frei - Free entrance always