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 Four Dice - Jenkyll and the Hides

Ville webFOUR DICE
Singer, songwriter, Lancastrian. Berlin resident, but North-English born and bred, Andy Fordyce presents his own take on the 4 minute Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus genre. Inspired by the 90s and sometimes a touch of folk, he winds his way through songs with a pinch of Britain and a splash of Berlin.

Stepping away from his usually loud guitars and ever louder bands (Frogcircus, Weird Fishes, Metro Chucks), Stone Jekyll presents himself armed only with his voice, his guitar and a bag full of huge songs. That's the secret recipe. No added sugar, no flavour enhancers or any other additives. Songs in the tradition of the 60's songcraft mixed with the 90's quirkiness. And a lot of melodies you'll find yourself humming later in the night, the next morning and beyond. That's it, the songs is what all this is about, just the fucking songs. And yes, the man and his guitar. Well, there are always The Hydes as well, but you'll have to look real hard to see them.

Ort UnterRock, Fürbringerstrasse 20a, 10961 Berlin
15. Januar 2016, 21:00
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