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 Hanguitar Project

26.10 hanguitardaniThe Hanguitar Project is an Italian Hang Drum and Acoustic guitar original duo.
We've started this project in 2016 and we have our first cd "Hands in D minor" just out! Our music has many influences, from ambient to reggae, from funk to minimal electronic music.Das Hanguitar Project erweist den unterRock zum dritten mal die Ehre und wer sie diesmal verpaßt ist selber Schuld !

Brilliant !!

Francesco Carone (Hang Drum, Tank Drum)
Francesco Luongo (Acoustic Guitar, Loops, Synth, Programming)

Youtube - Hanguitar Project - Berlin Groove

Facebook - Hanguitar Project

Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstraße 20a, 10961 Berlin
27. Oktober 2018, 20:00
Eintritt frei
- Free entrance always