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29.09. Gurgur SavicGrgur Savic is a saxophonist and composer. Originaly coming from Croatia/Zg, recently he moved to his new home Berlin.
He has had the oportunity to perform and record with varied group of artists like his Cromatik 5, Free Willys, Bug, TUB force, MiNiMe, Levacic and Savic and Space Tigers which he leads here in Berlin with Vanja Kevresan. Grgur has spent many nights in performing all kinds of music in his life where he experienced much growth in his playing and composing. He graduate classicall saxophone with a degree, spent two full years at the jazz university, moved to New York City where he worked with revered jazz greats such as Andrew D'Angelo, George Garzone, Igor Lumpert and Craig Bailey. This year he would produce his first Cd as a leader with his Berlin based band Space Tigers which afterwards has lead him to form his own trio where he could explore more in shaping his own sound and musical vision. As his trio group still takes shape in reaching it's full musical potential his band members are still not fixed, although that doesn't leave any room for poor performances.

Grgur Savic - alt sax
Hugo Reydet - bass
Quentin Cholet - drums

Soundcloud - Sunglases

Soundcloud - Birds Chant Song

Soundcloud - Riding My Skateboard

Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstraße 20a, 10961 Berlin
29. September 2017, 20:00
Eintritt frei
- Free entrance always