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 Ken Dolman

10.6. Ken DolemanKen Dolman is an American songwriter living in Berlin.  His #followme-ep was released with Snowhite Records in June 2016. The single “Ladder To The Sun” is being released May 26th, 2017
Dolman draws from his long life: from the suburbs of New York to the Rocky Mountains of the American West to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the beaches and bar rooms of Los Angeles, to the seclusion of Wyoming . He has seen the evolution of modern time into a digital age. He has witnessed naivety become wisdom.  He knows there is something that needs to be said. Something that provides depth, and authenticity to the world.
“Lets say a man loses his sight. He is grateful to have had sight, but now accepts his reality and sees the loss of sight as a benefit to his sense of smell, and hearing.”
A resignation of desire leads to contentment. To marvel at the small miracles of everyday life.
This is what he writes songs about and records them.

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