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 Bobbo Byrnes & Rufus Coates and The Blackened Trees (us/bln)

2.8. Bobbo Burns“Bobbo Byrnes has long proven himself as a key voice on the international Americana scene. On his new solo album “Motel Americana”, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist continues to successfully explore roots rock and alt-country, focusing on the slightly quieter and more nuanced regions of Americana.”

Robert Kinsler, Desert Star Weekly

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Rufus Coates and the Blackened Trees are a unique Folk/Blues band from Ireland. On April 16th '16 they released their much anticipated debut album. Armed with beautifully crafted, vocal driven songs that are highlighted by the vocal harmonies of singers Rufus Coates and Jess Smith and the dark atmospheric sound of the Blackened Trees. The band have risen quickly through the rich and eclectic folk scene in Ireland and have honed their live performance skills at some of Ireland's most popular venues and have toured mainland Europe.
2.8. Rufus CoatesTheir live show is one not to be missed and always promises to be an atmospheric and heartfelt affair

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Ort unterRock, Fürbringerstraße 20a, 10961 Berlin
2. August 2017, 20:00
Eintritt frei
- Free entrance always