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 Ana Patan

21.10.16 AnaPatan2Ana likes to travel and make music all over the world, soaking in each climate and culture and making a song about almost every experience she's had. Therefore her songwriting, with an energy of its own, on intriguing subjects, with surprising chords and texts of naive to ironic humour, is sincere and straight to the heart, a hymn to life, diversity and the small pleasures of our everyday existence.
Ana's best friend - and sometimes her worst enemy - is a white electric guitar with twisted frets and mean pickups, which she masterfully commands and follows. Along will be playing Omeye Abbass (bass) and Wolfgang Hammerschmid (drums).

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Ort : unterRock, Fürbringerstraße 20a, 10961 Berlin
21. Oktober 2016, 21:00
Eintritt frei
- Free entrance always