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 Troy Petty (us) - Presented by Songs & Whispers

26.08.16 Troy PettyFor all the changes that native Chicagoan Troy Petty has gone through since his last release – 2012’s primarily subdued Fairy Tale Pen, a collection of songs dating back three years themselves – it’d be foolish to assume that his songwriting wouldn’t somehow be affected. None of these shifts are unheard of certainly, but each is tenuous and relatable: Dissolved connections with professional and personal relationships, moving into his original childhood home and back in with his parents, hopping from job to job, and relocating eventually to Ohio. But what’s inspiring is how Petty has come out the other end not necessarily unscathed, but better. His music and production on this latest release Departure are more triumphant and his lyrics seem wiser, whether he’s connecting with the listener, requesting needed empathy of a song’s antagonist or talking himself through the steps needed to survive the trials he’s so vividly documenting. To put it simply, Petty himself says Departure is about “letting go, listening to your intuition and finding your own meaning of ‘comfort zone.'”

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26. August 2016, 21:00
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