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18.06.16 Brian LaidlawFor English description please scroll down.

Brian Laidlaw ist ein Songwriter und Dichter aus San Francisco. Während seines Studiums an der Universität von Stanford startete er die ersten Versuche, seine Gedichte mit Musik zu umspielen.
Nach seinem Abschluss verbrachte er mehrere Jahre mit Gelegenheits-Jobs in den Sierra Mountains und tourte solo als Folksänger durch die USA.
Laidlaw war mehrere Jahre ein Mitglied der Songwriting Fakultät des McNally Smith College für Musik in St.Paul, Minnesota. Während dieser Zeit nahm er mehrere Alben auf, darunter auch eine 7“ Vinyl Platte mit seiner Band und „The Family Trade“, die vom Label Hymy’s Vintage Records.
Ende 2014 veröffentlichte Laidlaw sein Poesie- Musikprojekt „Amoratorium“ als Vinyl LP.

Einflüsse: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Josh Ritter

Brian Laidlaw is a songwriter and poet from San Francisco. He studied Creative Writing at Stanford University, where he first began setting his poems to music; after graduating he spent several years working seasonal jobs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and touring the United States as a solo folksinger. For several years, Laidlaw was a member of the Songwriting faculty at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. During that time, he put out a number of albums and EPs, including a 7” vinyl record with his band The Family Trade, released by Hymie’s Vintage Records’ new singles label.
In late 2014, Laidlaw released the hybrid poetry/music project Amoratorium, a vinyl LP with a companion poetry book in the liner notes (Paper Darts Press). His first full-length collection of poems, The Stuntman, was published – also with a companion album of music – by Milkweed Editions in 2015. He continues to tour nationally and internationally with vocalist-instrumentalist Ashley Hanson, a founding member of The Family Trade.

Influences: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Josh Ritter

“Brian Laidlaw is a poet of tremendous lyric gifts and emotive modulation, full of jubilance and unwavering freshness. The associative technique in each of these missives corkscrews and swerves through the broken world with dispatches of yearning, growing these big-hearted and fearless experiments of structure and voices into a gorgeously raw-throated orchestra.” - Alex Lemon, author of The Wish Book and Happy: A Memoir
“These musicians love to play, and the joy they so clearly take from their art is contagious.” -“Laidlaw’s lyrics lay out smooth against the background of so many strings, ebbing and flowing with each crescendo and diminuendo. Their folksy jams are songs you can sing along to after only one listen... An ethereal gift to the eardrums.” - Paper Darts Magazine
“[Laidlaw’s] deft take on the indie folk sound is appealing, no doubt, but his lyrics — intelligent, sometimes poignant, sometimes witty and often unabashedly and refreshingly earnest — are 18.06.16 SW Brianwhat have driven me to seek out more of his work.” - Susannah Schouweiler, Knight Arts

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