Gigs at the
( Fürbringerstrasse 20 A in 10961 Berlin  /fon: 030 61671948)

Hi there
This is just a short info text to inform you about conditions on gigs in ouer venue.

Unfortunately we are not able pay a salary for gigs so far.
But we collect among the audience during the concerts for the artists.
Also all drinks except expensive whiskeys or cocktails/longdrinks are free
for the artists within a normal scale.

We don`t have a possibility to offer accommodation but
we may send you links for nearby hostels if needed.

Due to the fact that we are a smokers venue the german law forbids us
to sell any kind of food.
But there are a lot of options to get some snacks in the closer area and
bringing them into ouer venue to eat is not forbidden by the law.PA web

We do have a small (!) PA we can provide (please see attached jpeg)
and if needed we can provide two mics with stands including cables.
Elektricity and lights are of course available.

Stage/concert room:
Ouer stage has a exspanse of about 10 square meter and is suitable for up to six
Our concert room is able to host 40 people if no chairs or tables are set and
about 30 people with chairs and tables.
The whole unterRock is able to host about 80 people.

Days to perform:
Basically every day is suitable for gigs in our venue ecxepts sundays.
But we try to put gigs with more then two artists on days like friday or saturday.
The usual times for performing are:
Friday and saturtday starting at 9 pm finishing at 12 pm and on all other days starting at 8 pm finishing at 11.30 pm.

Ouer season for gigs is usually from september till the end of may.
Ouer experience is that it`s really hard to get the poeople into the unterRock during
the summertime as they are sitting on ouer patio to enjoy a gig on ouer stage.
But if artists nevertheless want to perform during these times its up to them.
„Unplugged“ gigs on ouer patio are possible but have to end at 10 pm.

Soundcheck/setting-up and off
The setting-up and soundcheck can be done from 7 pm on.
The setting-off of the instruments should be finished on fridays or saturdays till 1.00 am
and on all other days at 12.30 am, what means they don`t have to be outside in the car at that time but at least packed on stage.
The reason is we got the experience that drunk artist usually do need more time
for the setting-off of the instruments.

The unterRock is a venue in Berlin Kreuzberg, which means its
not possible for us to guarantee or reserve a parking space.
But so far it always worked....

Sound volume:
We do have nice neighbors so far who do accept and support ouer venue
as a location for loud music.
But as we have an interest to keep this friendly relationship to our neighbors
we try to keep gigs only as loud as needed for a good sound but not for the
sake of beeing loud.

We try to do every possible kind of promotion and advertising in the unterRock
as well as in lokal media or online!
If posters are available they can be sended by mail and will be published by us.
The more the better...
But nevertheless its always good if the artists do make announcements by themselfs.

Sorry this list looks like a checklist, but it safes us some time in confirming

If any questions are left please feel free to ask !!


Harald and Andreas from the